Google Bookshelf

Through a class at SOITA, I learned about Google Books. Essentially, I am able to create a digital bookshelf in which I can sort and review the titles I have read, am reading, or would like to read. Check out my Bookshelf using the link to the right. I am thinking of ways to get my teachers to utilize Google Books in their classrooms, hopefully they will be daused with great ideas.


  1. I almost took this class, but thought it was "too much". So, I am glad to see you library all set up, and have started one of own. Are you doing this for your classroom only? Is there a way to separate out personal vs. professional reading? Also, since this is a Google product, and Blogger is connected to the Google log in, is there a way to directly connect the Google library to Blogger?

  2. I so enjoy seeing "collaboration" outside of class as well as in Moodle!

  3. Something everything librarian needs :)