They say imitation is the kindest form of flattery.

With that in mind, I am going to begin to enhance the Literature component of my blog. I am going to start posting book reviews borrowing the format from Red House Books. I hope to post my own reviews as well as the reviews of students and a few friends. Here is the format. Any suggestions?

Suggested Age:
Publication Date:
# of Pages:
Series: Y or N
Book Acquisition:
What I liked:
What I didn't like:
Overall Rating:

I also thought about using sections for Quick Thoughts, Reminded Me of, and Who Would Like, but I think I will keep it simple for now. Please daus me with any suggestions for a strong book review format as well as a catchy title for my book reviews.


  1. Like the art and the ideas for the format. Don't reinvent the wheel, specialize it for your audience and make the ride smoother.

  2. Good to see you blogging :)